LS4 Currencies

LS4 Currencies

This guide will cover bases on how to quickly aquire currencies and go through each Living Story 4 map for tips and tricks for easy hearts, easy gathering, and events that provide bonus currencies.

Quick note: Sandswept Isles, and Domain of Kourna provide only 5 currencies per map completion. The rest rewards 25.

Quick Aquisition

Kralkatite Ore | Domain of Istan

The metas and events require a small group or more to complete. Check the LFG for LS4 trains prior to them beginning as they generally do both metas and the Brewmaster event. All of these events are repeatable per day per character.

15 - Palawadan meta

15 - Great Hall meta

15 - Brewmaster
↪ This event is north of the Great Hall at [&BAsLAAA=]. There are 6 events in total in the chain. The last event is a boss that may require a few people to defeat as he requires CC and does a lot of damage if caught by AoEs.

There are 3 hearts to the map, but I recommend doing/repeating only 1: Astralarium at [&BPoKAAA=]. The other two hearts take a long time to process, even with events to help. Is it worthy to note that this map is unique in that each heart rewards 25 Kralkatite Ore .

To quickly finish the Astralarium Heart in a minute, focus on interacting with Obelisk Engravings (8) and Telescopic Mirrors (8) and killing any nearby enemies (Orthodox Scholar, Awakened). From the waypoint, run around the area. Telescopic mirrios are 1 floor below.
Every 15 minutes, there's a Branded meteor that crash lands. These meteors can offer players with a couple Kralkatite Ore, Powdered Rose Quartz, and Rose Quartz. You need to obtain the Brandstone Multitool in order to gather the materials.

If the meteor lands at the Plains of Jarin [&BBcLAAA=], then there's a quick event. Do not destroy the meteor, instead, use skill 5 of the tool at the location to mark it on the map. Then, use skill 3 to harvest it. (Left picture)

If the meteor lands anywhere else, then use skill 5 at the location to mark it on the map. If 5 players mark it, then it will increase the rewards. (Right picture)
Caches are all spread throughout the map. Each cache rewards 1 Kralkatite Ore per. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Difluorite Crystal | Sandswept Isles

The metas and events require a small group or more to complete. Check the LFG for LS4 trains prior to them beginning as they generally do both metas and possibly other events. All of these events are repeatable per day per character.

5 - Gathering Storms (north)

5 - Specimen Chamber (south)

3 - Dominus Crystallum
↪ This event is located at Ceberus Watchtowers [&BEALAAA=]. May require at least a few people as he does lots of damage if missed a telegraphed skill.

3 - Mark Golem III
↪ There are 3 possible locatins: South (and above) [&BC4LAAA=], south (and above) [&BDsLAAA=], and southwest [&BEQLAAA=].

3 - Beetle Queen
↪ There are 4 events in this chain. Though, the first event may bug and may not progress. The event is east [&BCwLAAA=] that requires players to round out wildlife, then an escort, then a defense event at [&BDYLAAA=], then the Beetle Queen at [&BDMLAAA=].

In total, there are 4 hearts, but I recommend doing/repeating 3 of them. Each of these hearts grant 5 Difluorite Crystals and are fairly quick to complete.

1) Heart at [&BDYLAAA=]
To complete this heart quickly, simply use your Springer mount to stomp on mounds and kill Scarabs around. There are two locations where they are plentiful.

2) Heart at [&BCULAAA=]
There are many small tasks to complete this quickly. Gather flowers and turn them in to the NPC, kill Inquests, and take Power Cores to Inactive Golems. All of these are all around the heart.

3) Heart at [&BC0LAAA=]
While there is an event that can easily complete this heart, the much faster way is to hop down in the lab and destroy mobs. Only a few will complete the heart.

For nodes check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Caches are called "Sunken Chests" and only spawn after completing the Gathering Storms meta. These chests will spawn throughout the shore or near it. There's not a guaranteed that there will be a Difluorite Crystal, but there's a chance. The picture below are the possible locations.

Inscribed Shard | Domain of Kourna

The meta requires at least a small group to complete. Kourna is unique where the meta is completely repeatable . You do not have to swap characters or wait for the daily.

17 - Containing the Scarab Plague

In total, there are 4 hearts, but I recommend doing/repeating 3 of them. Each of these hearts grant 5 Inscribed Shards and are fairly quick to complete.

1) Heart at [&BFcLAAA=]
To complete this heart quickly, there is an event that is frequently ready to be up. It is north of the waypoint with the NPC named "Researcher Siris". This event alone will complete the heart by killing Inquest. If the event is not ready, it may be best to skip until it is as the other methods take a bit.
2) Heart at [&BFALAAA=]
Generally, there is an event where you attack choyas. This event is long, but it does finish the heart very quickly. Do the event until the heart progress has filled. Otherwise, if the pre-meta or one of the cannon attack events are up, it also completes the heart quickly.
3) Heart at [&BFcLAAA=]
There are two ways to complete this heart quick. You could either destroy any Awakened or Scarab plague (jump or mount over the blob) or get Corsair supplies to cannons. The picture below shows the location of the supplies and the cannons.
Unlike other maps, there are no nodes for Inscribed Shards. They come in two forms of caches: Kournan Supply Cache and Kournan Cache. Both will offer 1 guaranteed Inscribed Shard . For routes of the caches, I recommend Tekkit's Workshop video and TacO markers.

Here are some quick locations for Kournan Caches:
2 Dabiji Hallows (caves NW of [&BFcLAAA=])
↪ Upon entering, to the right there is a Roller Beetle door that will have 2 Kournan Caches.

2 Dabiji Hallows (caves NW of [&BFcLAAA=])
↪ Upon entering, there are 3 paths. Head straight (keep going east) and there will be a mini Inquest lab. Head up the stairs and there will be 2 Kournan Caches.

2 Veldrunner Drifts (caves NW of [&BFALAAA=])
↪ Directly east of [&BFkLAAA=], there will be a small valley of choyas. There's 2 Kournan caches.

2 Research Vault Alpha [&BGYLAAA=]
↪ Jump slightly with a Springer to a holographic door. If it looks holographic, then you can interact with it to open. There will be an event and 2 Kournan Caches. If you can't open the door, then it was done recently and is on cooldown.

2 Gandara Western Approach [&BGELAAA=]
↪ There are 2 Kournan Caches directly at this POI.

Lump of Mistonium | Jahai Bluffs

There are 3 metas to this map. Though, only 1 meta is a "meta" (Death-Branded Shatterer). The Shatterer and other events are all daily, once per day per character.

5 - Death-Branded Shatterer meta

5 - Rifts (5x)
↪ There are 5 unique locations. For each unique location, it will award 5 Mistoniums. Though, only one rift event will appear at a time. After completing one, it will immediately begin in a different location, but it's random where. Sometimes it may be fake and respawn in another location.

5 - Joko?
↪ Apparently Joko is here [&BJELAAA=]. As if he wasn't evil enough, he forces players to bring CC to defeat him instead of DPS (kinda). Highly recommend only doing this with a large group or a small, prepared group.

There are 3 hearts, but I recommend doing/repeating 2 of them. Each heart rewards 5 Mistoniums.

1) Heart at [&BJkLAAA=]
If there is an event occuring here, then do the event. While it may fail, it does bring a lot of mobs to kill that give credit. If there is not an event, then talk to the NPCs grouped together. They'll have a symbol above their head and will either fight you or make you talk to another NPC with a symbol above their head.
2) Heart at [&BIMLAAA=]
There are two very fast and easy ways to complete this heart. The first to grab Branded Shards located at Test Dummy sites and throw them at the dummies. The other way is to interact with inactive DERV golems and give them the necessary parts.
Compared to other LS4 maps, there are rarely any nodes around. Though, there are many Mist-Touched Cache that grants 1 guaranteed Mistonium . Both the nodes and caches are very spread out and in not-so-obvious places. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Branded Mass | Thunderhead Peaks

There are 2 metas to this map. These are unique that after completing, there will be more nodes that spawn. Thunderhead Keep meta spawns around 5 more nodes while the Oil Floes meta spawns 3.

5 - Thunderhead Keep (north) meta

5 - Oil Floes (south) meta

There are 4 hearts. All of them are quite easy and quick to complete. I recommend doing/repeating all of them. Each heart grants 5 Branded Masses.

1) Heart at [&BMQLAAA=]
There are NPCs with a sad face icon above their head. Use your special skill to make them happy again. It's best to start with single NPCs until the bar above your head reaches full. Then you can interact with the crowded sad peeps.

2) Heart at [&BLsLAAA=]
There are two methods to do this heart. You could grab a scanner gun near the heart NPC. By using the gun, you will have a special skill. Use skill #1 on Dig Sites. If the object shows a yellow item, use skill #3. If the object shows a green item, use skill #2.

The other method is to go a little SE from the heart vendor to a pit. There is an activity where a player must go into a white circle to catch supply. Once caught, turn in the supply to the appropiate pin (hover your #1 skill to see what it says). To stop the skritt from catching it, simply interact with it to stun him.
2) Heart at [&BLoLAAA=]
The fastest way seems to be to kill yellow enemies named, "Angery ...". These mobs are spread around the heart.

3) Heart at [&BKYLAAA=]
Go around the area and above the structures to find "Discouraged Dredge Excavators". Here are the list of good responses to each Dredge:
"You'll go on knowing you did all that could. For your people."

"And if he were here now, he would thank you. You did the right thing."

"The Brand had already taken them. You gave them peace. Don't forget that."

There are a lot of Dragon Crystal nodes around the outside section of the map. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Mistborn Mote | Dragonfall

Unlike the last 5 maps, this map does not have hearts and all events are tied to a single meta. To effectively farm Mistborn Motes, it is highly recommended to do the meta. Find a train in LFG as it does take a while and needs a good amount of people.

To read a full Dragonfall guide: click here.

There are not a lot of nodes around the map. It's probably best to gather them while doing events. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Note: There are 6 guaranteed nodes that spawn after defeat the meta (during champ train). Locations are here.