LS3 Currencies

LS3 Currencies

This guide will cover bases on how to quickly aquire currencies and go through each Living Story 3 map for tips and tricks for easy hearts, easy gathering, and events that provide bonus currencies.

Map Completion
Each map rewards 5 of the currency of that map.

Quick Aquisition

Blood Ruby | Bloodstone Fen

The meta, Bloodstone Maw, requires a rather large group (10+) to complete. It also fails quickly if nobody is present to start the meta when it spawns. Justicar Hablion event also requires a group as it can be challenging with few people.

6 - Bloodstone Maw

1 - Spirits meta

3 - Justicar Hablion
↪ This event is located at [&BE4JAAA=] (up). There will be a pre-event to destroy spirits throughout the island, then the boss at the top inside a colosseum. CC boss to avoid being pulled in and spin-to-winned, careful of Torment stacks, and be prepared to be thrown into the air if caught in the blue expanding AoE.

Nodes are almost all throughout the entire map. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Petrified Wood | Ember Bay

There are no metas for this map, but there are a couple events that do award currencies. Though, all may need at least a few people to complete.

3 - Sloth event chain
↪ The first event is located at [&BFwJAAA=]. It's a simple gathering event. The next event is an escort from the first POI to [&BG8JAAA=]. The last event is a sloth that requires DPS in order to finish as low DPS will quickly fail the event.

3 - Molten Dominator event chain
↪ The first event is located at [&BFMJAAA=]. CC to save the Skritt. The second event is the Molten Dominator boss which will do telegraphed CC frontal knockdowns. Every 25%, the boss will go invulnerable and summon mobs from the lava. This event does not require many, but does decent amount of damage.

3 - Wurm event chain
↪ The first event is located at [&BHcJAAA=]. Players are able to start the event if up (look for a tangerine symbol above the NPC). 1st event is to kill Destroyers and collect power cores. 2nd event is to defend for a long period of time.

In total, there are 5 hearts, but I recommend doing/repeating 4 of them. Each of these hearts grant 3 Petrified Wood and are fairly quick to complete.

1) Heart at [&BFwJAAA=]
There are valuable eggs on the ground level of the island and nests on the top. Collects these throughout and turn them to the NPC to quickly finish the heart. If else, you can also kill Raptors and Rolling Devils nearby. If the Sloth escort event chain

2) Heart at [&BGwJAAA=]
There are lots of Datamagic Cameras you can interact with and Destroyers to kill around the heart.

3) Heart at [&BFUJAAA=]
There are a lot of Destroyers here. I recommend killing the Destroyers and interacting with the Weapon Crates. If the Fissure event (north of the WP) is up, I recommend doing it as it will have a lot of mobs around it.

4) Heart at [&BHcJAAA=]
If there is an event here, do the event and kill mobs to earn credit. If not, then there are mobs on the edges of the area such as Elementals and Imps.
Nodes are almost all throughout the entire map. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Fresh Winterberry | Bitterfrost Frontier

There are no events that give bonus Winterberries, but it's possible to get an extra via map bonus rewards.

In total, there are 4 hearts, and I recommend doing all of them as they are quick, easy (but maybe slightly annoying). Each heart grants 5 Fresh Winterberries .

1) Heart at [&BIkJAAA=]
There are Dragonbanners that will finish the heart quickly, but you will have to clear some mobs. In the right picture, make sure to have these 3 pieces in your inventory by killing Svanir: Head piece, chest piece, and leggings. Double click these to transform your character in order to access the area of the heart vendor.
2) Heart at [&BIgJAAA=] (more NE)
The quickest way to complete this heart is to run around near the heart vendor to collect Abandoned Griffon Eggs. Take these to an Incubator besides the heart NPC. Repeat this process until the heart completes.
3) Heart at [&BI8JAAA=] & [&BH8JAAA=]
Next to where the Fresh Winterberry nodes are, there are interactable ice crystals. Click on them to destroy them and they will complete the heart quickly. To finish the heart if there's more process needed, kill any nearby Icebrood as I'm sure you'll be attacked.
4) Heart at [&BH4JAAA=]
Throughout the area, there are nodes called Savory Herbs. Collect them and turn them in to the NPC.
Out of all the other LS3 maps, the nodes are abundant and all nearby. Check out my picture below for my route or Tekkit's route. Icebound Chests also have a chance to recieve 1 Fresh Winterberry. . The second picture is the area of where the Icebound Chests are, but I highly recommend doing just the nodes if you're looking for mostly Winterberries. To unlock the chests, you need to grab a torch from a lit Brazier that does not have an event active and have the mastery "Koda's Flame" from Ancient Magics mastery line. Tekkit's Workshop video and TacO markers.

Jade Shard | Lake Doric

There are 3 metas in this map. Each will give daily currency per character per day. Lake Doric is unique where, if the meta failed at some point, then players can start the meta again (if it's not suppose to be up). For example, if a meta failed, someone could start it and get the loot, then it could start again soon via its global timer. Though, each meta does require a sizeable amount of people to join to complete.

5 - Noran's Homested (north) meta

5 - Saidra's Haven (middle) meta

5 - New Loamhurst (south) meta

There are 6 hearts, but I recommend doing/repeating 2 of them. Most of the hearts in this map take extremely long to complete and are filled with tedious or annoying (White Mantle) mobs. Each heart rewards 3 Jade Shard.

1) Heart at [&BJUJAAA=]
There are many methods to complete this heart and each take little time to complete. I would first clear any fires with a water bucket. Water can be found along the side of the walls. Simply use the water next to the fire.

Next I would take rations nearby and give them to any NPC labeled "Hungry...". They are throughout the whole side area of this heart from the waypoint to the south edge.
Lastly, there are two training areas to the south. One for attacking (sword) and one for defending (shield). For the sword training, wait til the NPC stands upright to use your #1 skill. For the shield training, the NPC will knockdown 2 NPCs before attacking you. That will be your cue to prep and use your #1 skill.
2) Heart at [&BLQJAAA=]
To the north of the waypoint, there are apple trees. Interact with them and give the apples to "Starving Seraph Soldier" throughout the area. If there's still progress needed for the heart, you can keep interacting with the trees to kill spiders.
There are many nodes that are nearby areas of water. There's a couple near north of [&BLQJAAA=]. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Fire Orchid Blossom | Draconis Mons

There is one large meta to this map. It can completed for 5 Fire Orchid Blossoms once per day per character. There are two legendary bosses, but you'll only get the currency and bonus loot from one. Other events also give a couple bonus currencies.

5 - Cull the Destroyers meta

3 - Lava Wurm event chain
↪ North of [&BM0JAAA=], the first event is to kill Mercenaries. The second event is to kill the Lava Wurm. You could either range or melee the wurm at the single platform below. This event may require a few people to complete.

3 - Greater Spirit of Nature event chain
↪ The first event can be activated at [&BNAJAAA=]. It will lead an escort to [&BL4JAAA=] which will have a defense event and a chmpaion boss. This event may require a few people to complete.

2 - Devourer Champion Zinn's Stash
↪ The easiest way to get here is to start at [&BM0JAAA=], take the thermal north of the waypoint, take the next thermal nearby, and head to the area displayed in the picture below. There is a cave surrounded by Devourers and a trail of Unbound Magic orbs leading to it. Once in the cave, take a sharp left and you'll see the champion. If the champion is not up, the Zinn's Stash is located at the top of a pile of rocks looking super shiny.
There are 4 hearts. All of them are quite easy, but can be a little tedious. I recommend doing/repeating all of them. Each heart grants 3 Fire Orchid Blossoms.

1) Heart at [&BNAJAAA=]
Many small tasks can be done for this. The easiest is to save Vigil Recruits trapped in vines, then killing Angered Nature Spirits, and interacting with Suspious Bushes. You could also kill any other mobs around the area.
2) Heart at [&BM0JAAA=]
The easiest method is to simply kill mobs. There are mobs all over north of the waypoint and at [&BMsJAAA=]. The most concentrated area is at [&BMcJAAA=] where there are lots of mobs and caged prisoners.
3) Heart at [&BNUJAAA=]
You could either kill spiders, kill egg sacs, interact with mushrooms, and distribute the golem parts to the inactive golems.
4) Heart at [&BLwJAAA=]
There are a lot of Inquests to kill. Sometimes they drop an "Inquest Keypad" which you can grab and insert it in a terminal to remove the lazer beams (red spots) and get more credit for the heart.
There are nodes all over the map. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.

Orrian Pearl | Siren's Landing

While the meta does give pearls, it cost pearls to buy the Orrian Coffers (reward for completing the meta) and has a chance to return more pearls. There are 3 events that give bonus pearls.

4 - Orrian Shrine Power Grid meta

2 - Winfred escort
↪ The escort starts at [&BOYJAAA=] towards [&BOwJAAA=]. After the escort, there is a champino boss that essentially has two health bars. It's recommended to have a few peeps to help.

2 - Horrid Illusion
↪ There are two events. The first event is a Veteran Illusionary Beast that is located at [&BOEJAAA=]. This is a very annoying event to complete. You have to have your backs to the wall in order to aggro the boss into the wall to CC it. Don't try to use regular CC. Once he gets stunned, he's very squishy. Afterwards, an illusionary shark appears on the ground.

2 - Undead Wyvern
↪ The wyvern is located at [&BOgJAAA=]. In order to damage it, you need to grab a Dwayna buff around the area. The #1 skill will throw a bomb to the Wyvern to CC it. Once the CC bar is down, you can damage it.

There are 5 hearts. All of them are extremely easy and quick. Each rewards 3 Orrian Pearls. After completing all the hearts, you are able to access a secret room at [&BOMJAAA=]. In this room, there's a set of chests. Pick one to get a chance to get more Pearls..or a lot more Pearls (0-51). You may open another for 1g and 50s.
1) Heart at [&BO0JAAA=]
The quickest to complete this heart is to gather a bunch of mobs, kill a Ley-Line Scavenger. After killing the Scavenger, interact with it and use the #3 skill on the dead undead bodies.
2) Heart at [&BOAJAAA=] (SE)
As with 1), this can be done the exact same way. Kill mobs, scavenger, interact with the scavenger, then use the #3 skill on the dead undead bodies.

3) Heart at [&BOgJAAA=]
First grab a Artifacts of Dwayna, then glide or mount into the poison clouds. You only need to grab a few to get full credit.
4) Heart at [&BO4JAAA=]
Kill a scavenger, then interact with it, and press the #4 skill near an unlit shrine. The further you channel the skill, the more credit you'll earn for the heart.
5) Heart at [&BOEJAAA=]
Same as 4), kill a scavenger, then interact with it, and press the #4 skill near an unlit shrine. The further you channel the skill, the more credit you'll earn for the heart.

There are lots of nodes and caches throughout the map. The nodes themselves guaranteed 1 Orrian Pearl, but cannot be gathered again (with Glyph of Bounty for example). The caches also have a chance to not give a pearl, but have a chance to get 2. Check Tekkit's Workshop's video or TacO markers.