List of Resources

Extra Resources

This page will provide links to resources that are extremely useful outside of this website or enhancing existing informaiton here. All are open world related.

Very general GW2 YouTube that covers almost all bases of the game. Guides, achievements, tips, builds, discussions, and more!

Tekkit's Workshop
Guides and routes to many many farms, gathering, events, raids, and so much more.

Mainly PvE and open world guides, tips, memes, and discussions.

Sam Ajeste
PvE guides, gold making tips, research, and more.

General guides, PvE guides, and more.

General guides, Twitch Streamer, and more.

General guides, leader of Mistlocked[FotM] (fractal training), and more.

Hepa's Guide to API
An example and how to utilize GW2 API with Google Sheets (or Excel).

Provisioner Tokens
List of all available ways to get Provisioner Tokens and their pricing. What's more worth it than others.

An area to trade valuable items without taking TP tax into consideration. Check the ban list for potential scammers and consider using a middle man.

Overflow Trading Company
Discord link: A large discord ran by Guild MM Trading Company [TP] on how to make gold, trading resources, and train alerts.

The Silver Wastes (GW2Tools)
Chart to display which character level is best to open bags and salvage for profit.

Tracking all TP related things.

Website to track trading post transactions, buy and sell values, trends, and more.

Website to get the most out of your crafting. Shows what's worth and what's not to craft with a particular item.

Tracking all TP related things, but could possibly not have the newest items since it has not been updated. Otherwise, it has features such as TP history.

TP tools upon more tools.

Includse tools such as trading post trends, and other miscellaneous tools.

VM worth, Dhuum timers, Provisioner Tokens, Spirit Shard conversions, etc.

[fast] Farming Community (EU)
Data (bags, alt-parking, trains, etc), currency worth, conversions, and hardcore open world information.
Legendary Weapons for Dummies
Detailed and straightforward guide on how to make a legendary 101.

Crafting Generation-1 Legendaries for Profit and Pleasure
Detailed and straightforward guide on how to make a legendary aimed towards profit and pleasure.

Gear Processing
How to procress/salvage gear drops for maximum profits.

Recommended List of Boosters While Farming
The guide is based on the LS4 train, but can be applied to any train/farm.