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Local Fish Fishing Hole Bait Time Value
Global Fish Fishing Hole Bait Time Value
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 50
Shore Fish 150
Offshore Fish 200
Special Fishing Hole 0
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 150
Coastal Fish 200
Offshore Fish 250
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 200
Lake Fish 250
Grotto 250
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 400
Lake Fish 450
Noxious Water Fish 500
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 300
River Fish 350
Lake Fish 400
Coastal Fish 450
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 350
Lake Fish 400
Boreal Fish 450
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 600
Shore Fish 650
Offshore Fish 700
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 450
Freshwater Fish 500
Saltwater Fish 550
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 500
Desert Fish 550
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 550
Shore Fish 600
Offshore Fish 650
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 250
Quarry Fish 300
Cavern Fish 350
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 650
Coastal Fish 700
Fishing Hole Fishing Power
Open Waters 700
Volcanic Fish 750
Currently Available Fish
Fishing Hole
Fishing Bait

Estimated Benchmarks

Disclaimer: While some of these gph values look extremely high, there's a huge variance in what you could actually get in 1 hour. For example, a farm could be 35gph, but the range of possible gph could be about 20gph to 37gph. Fishing is truly RNG. The more catches you can get, the more of a chance to get those high valued fish. The higher the bench, the higher your avg gph run will be.

Avg Node => Avg amount of nodes in a route
Avg Time => Avg amount of time to complete a route
Bench => (Avg Nodes * (Catch Rate * 3)) * (60 / Avg Time)

Routes change per instance. General routes can be found by picking an areaon the top of the page marked by arrows. I recommend fish farming a map that contains both a good day and nighttime gph. Testing still needs to be made for more maps and routes so stay tuned for more.
Map Fishing Hole Bait Time FP Avg Nodes Avg Time Bench

Catch Values

All values were caught with 875 fishing power except Seitung pools. Those are including the "Tips on Fishing" heart bonus from .
Region Fishing Hole Bait Time FP Sample Drop Rates Value

Drop Rates

Select a catch value above to see the drop rates. Disclaimer: Take the sample size into consideration. These take a very long time to accumulate so some may have a lot more than others.
Fishing Hole:
Fishing Power:
Sample Size:
Type Drop Rate
Local Type Drop Rate
Local DR
Saltwater DR
World Class DR
Junk DR
Bags DR
Tonics DR
Other DR
Fishing Buffs Power
Fishing Rod 25
Tips on Fishing 50
Full Tank 100
Food Power
Whitefish Sushi 150
Yellowfish Sushi 150
Orangefish Sushi 150
Redfish Sushi 150
Bowl of Fish Stew 150
Bowl of Echovald Hotpot 150
Bowl of Jade Sea Bounty 150
Plate of Crispy Fish Pancakes 150
Plate of Imperial Palace Special 150
Fishing Party Power
Tier 1, 1 Fish 50
Tier 2, 10 Fish 100
Tier 3, 25 Fish 150
Tier 4, 45 Fish 200
Tier 5, 70 Fish 250
Tier 6, 99+ Fish 300
Qty Result Value
General Tips and Info
- Fishing holes have ~9 minute respawn rate. Depending on the area and travel, a good loop is an area with ~7 fish holes.
- During dusk/dawn, all fish become available regardless of time requirement. Also the best time to farm Mackerels in any open saltwater.

Fishing Rods
Rods are only available at +25 by completing the first story chapter of EoD.

Tips on Fishing
This is a 1 hour +50 Fishing Power buff that can purchase from the heart vendor at (southeast). Simply fish around the area to complete the heart. You are able to map travel with the buff. If you have access to the Canthan guild hall, you can exit there to quickly travel to the heart.

All bait, except Mackerels, are +100 Fishing Power. Mackerels are +150. You can obtain these by exchange 5 Fine Fish Fillets at the Fishmonger in Arborstone or in saltwater at anytime with very low chance, but have a high chance of dropping during dusk/dawn in open water. In addition, Fish Eggs can be purchased at this vendor in Sandswept.

Lure can be purchased through a couple of vendors. If you have Arborstone mastery level 1+, you have access to fishing merchants. If you have max fishing mastery, you have access to Amber/Jade fishing lures.
- Wooden Fishing Lure, +50 Fishing Power at via Tournament Vendor, Vendor at the docks, or the heart.
- Antique Fishing Lure, +75 Fishing Power at
- Amber Fishing Lure, +100 Fishing Power at Arborstone (Mastery Level 1+, northwest)
- Jade Fishing Lure, +100 Fishing Power south of

Non-ascended food recipes are obtained automatically if you have a Chef leveled up. Ascended recipes can be purchased easily from either of these two vendors:
- Canach Club in Arborstone. Enter through the northwest, in a cave. If you have the fishing or turtle merchants, it is next to them.
- Archaeologist vendor at Echovald

Full Tank & Fishing Masteries
Full Tank is the 3rd mastery in the Fishing line. Simply eat any food to be Nourished and you gain 100+ Fishing Power. For every mastery you complete in that line, you gain a passive +20 per for a total of +100.

Fishing Party
This is the last mastery in the Skiff line. Once obtained, after each successful catch in a Fishing Hole, you gain a stack for you and those within your Skiff. Your party members can also contribute to the stack for each successful fish captured in a hole. Check the Fishing Buffs table for the breakdown of each tier.

- With 1 person, it will take 99 fish, 33 Fishing Holes to gain max stacks. With 5, it will take ~7 Fishing Holes.
- You can "share" the fishing buff from other party member's skiffs. If you join a party with stacks, you can hop on their skiff to obtain the stack for yourself. You can transfer the stack back to your skiff.