This guide is comprehensive list on how to gain mastery EXP quick and potentially Spirit Shards . Each are ordered by what I believe are the most accessible and easiest, though also assuming you have masteries such as Skyscale or gliding completed. While the #1 options generally require Skyscale to get the easy other mastery EXP, there are options for each that can be obtained without it.

To obtain the masteries in the first place, Ayin has a great list of points with guides and videos here.

For a full list of EXP modifiers, check out Wiki's list. Note: orbs will always be 2540 EXP, regardless of any modifiers.

For All Masteries



Potential EXP

~500 + ~1200 bonus per mob

Effort | Time

Easy | ~ Nearly Instant

There is the option to kill any mobs that have not been killed in a long time. For example, if you go to a random waypoint that normally wouldn't have people and kill mobs, you could recieve bonus EXP on top of the base EXP. Below are pictures of me randomly going to a waypoint that I think is not somewhere common and finding mobs to kill. Left picture is with a red mob and the right is with a yellow mob. Either one works though yellow is most likey to have the bonus EXP as it is less likey to be focused by players, but are also less common to find.