About Me

About Me


Let's be real, I'm just some guy that doesn't have a life, but loves GW2. When I don't have any plans (if any), I'm probably playing GW2 in some fashion. I've been playing since the release in August 2012 (early access crew anyone?) with a break or two. These days, I spend the majority of the time in the open world. I do everything in the game from sPvP, Fractals, Raids, and WvW. Outside of the game, I'm a weather geek. I love everything and anything meteorology (and studied it for undergrad).

My goal for this website to help players find more options to earn gold in the game. I hope that this website can give you the resources to help with commanding, learning metas and events, getting materials you need, or just new ways to have fun!

I'm a little bit obsessed with the open world. GW2 has one of the best experiences and interactions when it comes to open world MMORPGS in my opinion. I love doing events and meta with my friends/guild and host trains every week in many many maps ranging from HoT, LS3, PoF, LS4, Icebrood Saga. Sometime around December 2018, I came up with an idea to create a spreadsheet that calculates the gold per hour for each map and train. I intially only kept it for myself and my guild, but decided to make it public because I wanted to show that there are many options to earn gold in the game. I wanted to see other players do other content more often because I think it's cool to do different things rather than farming on one specific map over and over again (even if it's the highest gold per hour). I'm all about having fun and enjoying my time with my friends.

Around March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and caused me to work from home. While it sounds nice that I can have more time to play GW2 all day, I felt like I needed to do something for myself and for the community. At the time, my original spreadsheet was getting too big. It was over 100+ sheets with thousands of calculations per refresh and with 40+ people viewing it live at a time. For a Google Spreadsheet..you can imagine that there was lag. So, with the extra time I had, I decided to make this website. I had almost no experience in coding for HTML, CSS, Javascript or anything relating to web development. I decided to take a dab in it and..here's the result! I'm still learning so excuse my spaghetti code LOL.

Thank you for anyone who sees this message. I really appreciate you checking out the website! If you want to support me, spread the word about the website! I would love more people to join my crazy trains too! The more the marrier. Add me as a friend in-game at Peureki.3647. My name turns blue when I start a train.