Jahai Bluffs

Jahai Bluffs

Currency Info
Lump of Mistonium Gathered from Meta (Dangerous Prey), Mist caches, nodes, hearts, map bonus rewards
Volatile Magic Gathered from all mobs, meta, most events, caches, Inscribed Shards (consumed), Glyph of Volatility





Dangerous Prey, 6-8, 11, 1-3, 15-16, 9-10, 12-13, 4, 5, LB, Hunt the Hunter 14, CB, Ancestor Tree

Event #




= Chain event leading to event # [ ] Sorting by Event # shows chain events, cooldowns
# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
0 5 Repel the Branded invasion and close the rift If squad is < 5 people, scales down hard. If the squad is large, then it upscales dramatically. Lots of mobs Creates more portals = more mobs Boss chest, 5 Mistonium. Once per day, per location, per character
1 1 Escort Sergeant Eshid to the garrison 3 waves of enemies. Second wave spawns a lot more mobs than others. Event #4, #15-16 need to be done to start this Possible champ(s)
2 1 Raid the garrison for supplies Quick gathering event, but also spawns a lot of mobs that drop loot
3 1 Escort Eshid back to Soul's Vendetta 3 waves. Not as many mobs as the first escort though. Possible champ
4 1 Defend Pact engineers as they repair the gate Slowest defense ever. Barely any mobs spawn. Only do this if you're waiting for the meta Possible champ(s)
5 1 Subdue the malfunctioning DERV Quick champion event, though he does not drop loot
6 1 Defend Ziya as she searches for Vemyen 3 waves. Each wave has an enourmous amount of mobs Possible champ(s)
7 1 Shatter the Brandstone before it explodes DPS check. Very quick event Possible champ(s)
8 1 Defeat the Branded djinn Vemyen Legendary Djinn. Dashes and does melee AoE attacks. Phases at 75%, 50%, 25%. There will be DPS crystals to do (3) 1 Guaranteed champ Boss chest, 5 Mistoniums. Once per day, per character
9 1 Defeat the Branded out of Yatendi 4 locations of mobs. Look for X on the map for locations. Possible champ(s)
10 1 Defeat the Branded Champions There's only 2 Elites and 2 Champions even though the event says 4 2 Guaranteed champs
11 2 Stop "Joko" from recruiting the Awakened! You need to bring ALL CC skills. When Joko has a CC bar, break it. Break his clones too. If too slow, the event fails Possible champ(s), Mob density+
12 1 Defeat the Branded Villagers Extremely long event. Constant spawn of mobs Possible champ(s)
13 1 Defeat the Branded Villagers For elites, they are super tanky 1 Guaranteed champ
14 1 Defend the Chantry's enterances against the Branded 3 areas to defend. There's some prep time too. If an area fails, the whole event fails
15 1 Defeat the Branded troops Lots of Branded to kill. Sometimes the champions are slow to spawn on the sides Possible champ(s)
16 1 Defeat the Branded Generals 2 Elites, 1 champ 1 Guaranteed champ
# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 1 Find food in the garrison for hungry Awakened Find food and take them to Awakened so they stop attacking the wurms
2 1 Protect the Junundu from the invading Branded Title. Just waves of Branded
3 1 Escort the DERVs to the Shatterer Trenches Long escort with 5 main waves of mobs (marked on map) with champions 3 Guaranteed champs, more possible
4 1 Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer Detailed description below 6 Guaranteed champs, more possible Boss chest, 5 Mistoniums, chance for super rare Crystal Infusion
# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 2 Collect the deliver lost supplies to Second Spear Koja or Nimani Gather supplies from the ground or mobs Possible champs
2 1 Gather dolyak meat to use as bait for the Branded Hydra Title
3 1 Defeat the champion Branded hydra terrorizing supply routes Branded Hydra champ 1 Guaranteed champ
Legendary Mechanics Extra
Wyvern Matriarch and Patriarch Same two bosses from Verdant Brink. They do constant knockdowns, fire AoEs, summons mini wyverns, fire breaths, and shockwaves 1 Mistonium
Angry Pet Rock Very annoying boss that pulls foes inward, then knocks them down. It does it constantly
Badly Confused Ettin Teleports randomly to other players. If everyone sticks together, he's relatively easy to beat
Weapons Incredibly difficult. The two weapons must be seperated otherwise they deal significant damage. CC when possible. There could be bursts of damage
These are the categories for how abundant the nodes are available in this zone

High Quantity

Meh Quantity

Low Quantity




Type Node Info Cooldown
Ore Lump of Mistonium Recieve extra Volatile Magic and Dragonite Ore 24 hours
Ore Mithril Ore Chance to receive crystals 1 hour
Ore Orichalcum Ore Chance to receive rare orbs 24 hours
Wood Mebahya Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Troves (crystals) 1 hour
Wood Ancient Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Treasures (orbs), or rare Palm Lumber Cores 24 hours
Plant Cluster of Desert Herb Chance to receive Chili Peppers, Coriander Seeds, Sage Leaf, Sesame Seed, Varietal Sesame Seed, Varietal Clove Seed 1 hour
Plant Desert Vegetable Chance to receive Cassava Root, Flax Fiber, Onion, Garlic 1 hour
Plant Mussel Chance to receive the very rare Freshwater Pearl 1 hour
Plant Pile of Flax Seeds Chance to receive Flax Fiber, rare Flax Blossom 1 hour
Plant Handful of Red Lentils 1 hour
Plant Jungle Plant Chance to receive Cassava Root, Clove, Lemongrass, Pile of Allspice Berries, and the very rare Maguuma Lily 1 hour
Farm Type Farm Benchmark