Draconis Mons

Draconis Mons

Currency Info
Fire Orchid Blossom Gathered from meta, nodes, hearts, certain bosses (Wurm, Druid) map bonus rewards
Unbound Magic Gathered from all mobs, meta, most events, Fire Orchid Blossoms (consumed), Glyph of Unbound





Meta, 16-18, 19-20, 13, 12, 4-5, 7, 8-9, 22, 14, 11, 10, 6, 15, 21

Event #




# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 7 Thin out the amassing destoyers Upscales very dramatically when a large squad. Mobs do not despawn when the events are finished Possible champs, Mob density+
2 4 Neutralize the destroyer champion and all destroyer burrows 1 single champion each that are surrounded by other destroyer mobs. Most mobs do not give loot, but the champion still does 1 Guaranteed champ, fake champs possible
3 2 Defeat the Destroyer Lieutenants Detailed description above 1 Guaranteed champ each Boss chest (from one boss only), 5 Fire Orchid Blossoms. Once per day, per character
4 1 Defeat Siegemaster Immelhoof Starts at the fort 1 Guaranteed champ Boss chest, 4 Jade Shards. Once per day, per character
4 1 Keep mercenaries from charging the lava with bloodstone Most times, the event scales too high that it bugs where no mobs will spawn for a few minutes. Eventually it fixes itself Possible champs
5 1 Kill the bloodstone-charged lava wurm Can range or melee at the playform below. The leftside is safe from knockbacks, but still have to dodge when the wurm curls to avoid the knockup. Careful of exploding Bloodstone creatures Boss chest, 3 Fire Orchids. Once per day, per character.
6 1 Disrupt the caravan traveling Event is kind of out of the way. Very quick event if the event intercepts with you or the squad
7 1 Defeat the champion jngle skelk In a cave beyond a small inquest camp. Very quick event 1 Guaranteed champ
8 1 Use Inquest keypads to shut down Inquest gate Kill inquest to drop Inquest Keys. Use the Keys on the consoles that have a wrench symbol above
9 1 Defeat the Inquest Champion Quick champion event 1 Guaranteed champ
10 1 Kill the Devourer Champion Quick event, but it is out of the way. It is next to event #8-9. 1 Guaranteed champ
11 1 Treasure Mushroom Quick event, but out of the way. It is next to meta event #1 (3rd event in route) 1 Guaranteed rare gear and spirit shard
12 1 Defeat the Mushroom Emperor Quick champion event 1 Guaranteed champ
13 1 Kill the champion Webby Mother Quick champion event 1 Guaranteed champ
14 1 Deactivate portals to stop the Inquest looters Quick event, though probably not the best for a large squad to complete
15 1 Defeat the champion wind rider Quick event, but very out of the way. There are no events near it 1 Guaranteed champ
16 1 Escort the Vigil squad to the ancient ruins Escort. 3 stops with 2 waves each. First two wave only has pocket raptors. Escort can start when the NPC has a tangerine symbol
17 1 Defend the ruins while the Vigil investigates Simple defense event
18 1 Kill the greater Spirit of Nature Champion boss. Watch out for AoEs, immobilizes,, and pulls 1 Guaranteed champ Boss chest, 3 Fire Orchid Blossoms. Once per day, per character
19 1 Help the escort the hatchlings away Simple escort. The escort can be started if the NPC has a tangerine symbol 1 Guaranteed champ Boss chest, 3 Fire Orchid Blossoms. Once per day, per character
20 1 Slay the stonehead Quick champion. From where the mob came from, the less the health, the more mobs that spawn from that direction 1 Guaranteed champ
21 1 Defeat the grub gobbler Defends the flax farm. Very out of the way in terms of killing him for the sake of doing an event 1 Guaranteed champ
22 1 Repel the agressive mercenaries Most of the mobs don't drop loot. Though, champions do (if they spawn) Possible champs, Mob Density+
These are the categories for how abundant the nodes are available in this zone

High Quantity

Meh Quantity

Low Quantity




Type Node Info Cooldown
Log Primordial Orchid Use to exchange for ascended trinkets or consume for Unbound Magic. There is a daily account limit 24 hours
Ore Mithril Ore Chance to receive crystals 1 hour
Ore Orichalcum Ore Chance to receive rare orbs ???
Log Palm Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Troves (crystals) 1 hour
Log Ancient Sapling Chance to receive Foxfire Clusters, Hidden Treasures (orbs), or rare Palm Lumber Cores ???
Plant Jungle Plant Chance to receive Cassava Root, Clove, Lemongrass, Pile of Allspice Berries, and the very rare Maguuma Lily 1 hour
Plant Sawgill Mushroom Chance to receive the very rare Giant Mushroom Spore 1 hour