Maw of Torment, Junundu Wurms, 8, 18, 17, 2-4, 19, 6, 10, 11, 22-23, 16, 12-15, 9, 20, 21, 1, 5

# Qty Name Description Upscale Extra
1 4 Collect intel reports from Shadows dead drops Collecting stuff throughout the map. Not worth doing.
2 1 Collect relics for Meymo and Kyrisah Kind of a slow gathering event, but it leads to #3, #4.
3 1 Help Kyrisah and Meymo locate the lost key Escorting NPCs with lots of waves of enemies Possible champions
4 1 Help Buuran investigate the mysterious gate Escorting an NPC with some waves of enemies Possible champs
5 1 Defeat the Canid Throneguard to open the throne doors Veteran Canids that block a section of the map. Not worth doing for loots.
6 1 Defeat the Cahmpion Sulfurous Ooze Very quick champion Ooze. 1 Guaranteed champ
7 1 Defeat the Elder Air Djinn As the HP drops, it teleports to a different location 1 Guaranteed champ
8 5 Defeat the Forged raiding party Group of forged enemies. Has a second wave after defeating the initial group Possible champs
9 1 Destroy the Forged cannons so the Chantry gate can reopen Destroying 7 forged cannons
10 1 Help recover the stranded villager's lost mount Escorting an NPC with 3 waves of harpies Possible champs
11 1 Help the refugee caravan It's possible to get waves of either Awakened or Forged Possible champs
12 1 Help Rebel Keyon steal weapons from the garrison Collecting weapons from a heavily guarded awakened garrison. Takes a while to complete
13 1 Defend the captive villagers from the garrison's Awakened until Zuri returns with weapons Happens if event #12 succeeds. Defense event, but none of the mobs drop EXP or loot Possible champs
14 1 Escort Zuri to the clanmarshal's pergola Escort with Awakened mobs Possible champs
15 1 Defeat the clanmarshal and vizier Boss fight similar to a champion Hierarch Possible champs
16 1 Kill the Awakened reinforcements before they reach the Zayan Gate A champion and a couple other Awakened foes 1 Guaranteed champ
17 1 Kill the forged reinforcements before they reach the Shattered Ravines A champion and a couple other Forged foes 1 Guaranteed champ
18 1 Patrol the area near the Mouth of Torment with Redeemer Kossan There are 3 possile routes for this event. Each can spawn Forged or Awakened foes Possible champs
19 1 Protect wandering spirits form ghost eaters Waves of Awakened foes Possible champs Rare chance to drop the mini, "Soulbeast Ebeleke Eze"
20 1 Stop informants from delivering spy reports to the raven posts Very long and slow defense event
21 1 Stop the sneaking saboteurs before they poison all the scarecrows Very long and slow defense event
22 1 Weaken Annealed Abominations, and use Tether to bring them to Maziz DPS Abominations, then use the special skill to tether to escort to the NPC
24 1 Defend Alloa's aural sequencers as they reprogram the abominations Waves of Forged enemies Possible champs
24 1 Rescue refugees forced into labor in the Zephyrite mine Rescuing refugees and escorting them away from Forged

Maw of Torment

There are 3 phases to this meta:
1) Attacking elite Forged officers and cannons
2) Escorting 3 NPCs from the NW, N, and SE sections of the Maw area to the center
3) Defeating the legendary Forged Demolisher

There are 3 individual events (left picture). While there is a time limit (8 minutes), this event can actually fail and the meta will still progress. The event is all about destroying the Forged elites and cannons. The elites and cannons will persist to the next event if none are destroyed, which will make it slightly more difficult for smaller groups.

It is possible for each of these events to upscale to champion Forged. A method that can work is to only do one or two lanes (or three if your group is really fast) individually to obtain the most amount of champs. The more the squad does, the more the prep beforehand since it will be more difficult to spread when the timer runs out.

There are 3 escorts that need to be carried out within 8 minutes. Each spawns at the start of the previous event (right picture). Disclaimer, this part of the event is known to bug out by stalling. Each of these escorts need at least a small group to succeed as there are a lot of Forged enemies. I recommend at least 5 for each escort, but the more the better.

Each of the escorts can upscale to champions. While it may sound great to do an escort at a time (they are quick), the time it takes to travel to other escorts and to complete them may not be enough time to do each individually. It's most likey best to complete all 3 as fast as possible.

Afterwards, a legendary Forged boss will spawn at the waypoint, The Darklands Waypoint [&BKMKAAA=]. The basic mechanics of this boss is to avoid its dash attack that leaves a firey trail and to attack where it isn't putting a shield up.

Occasionally, Forged champions will spawn throughout the fight. They do drop loot so make sure to tag those!

Junundu Rising

There are 2 phases to this meta:
1) Collect sulfer crystals for [NPC name]'s junundu lure
2) Destroy the Awakened trebuchets / Destroy the Forged cannons

There are 3 individual events. Use a Skimmer or Skyscale to go into the sulfur valleys to obtain a Sulfur Crystal. It will appear as a buff on your buff bar to indicate that you've picked one up. Simply hover over one, then head to an NPC to turn it in. It's good to supply at least 1 for each event to get 3 event credits.

Each of the escorts can upscale to champions. While it may sound great to do an escort at a time (they are quick), the time it takes to travel to other escorts and to complete them may not be enough time to do each individually. It's most likey best to complete all 3 as fast as possible.

Afterwards, there are two forts that can be assaulted, Forged or Awakened. Both forts will have a single champion. The common route is to start with the Awakened champion then to the Forged. Disclaimer: make sure to not stand on top of the champions as they will teleport away and possibly go invulnerable if they go past the fort barrier.

After the champions, the junundu wurms will have taken down the barriers of the gate and there are 3 trebs/cannons to defeat in both camps. More champions are likey to spawn at the Awakened than the Forged, but generally people split to both forts to finish them quickly. They downscale pretty well with a small group.

Nodes (coming soon)