Peu Research Center

Peu Research Center

Guild Wars 2 benchmarks, gold farming guides, tools, and choyas!


Join me for unique trains such as Auric Basin, Tangled Depth Baubles, LS4, POF, and more. My goal is to show how fun a map could be, even if the map is considered a dead or non-farmable map. Join the community at my Discord! All choyas are welcomed!


Check out what's popping for gold these days! Benchmarks will be updated every 30 minutes. Benchmarks are deteremined by series of trials and varying squads (16-50) people, both [PRC] and open world pugs. The goal of the benchmarks is to be as realistic as possible for even the most casual farmers, but to also see the potential of a farm. Use my benchmarks as a baseline for what the gold per hour of how you make gold to be.



This area of the website is consistantly being updated. The prices are updated every 5 minutes via the official GW2 API. Depending on the research, use your best judgement on the accuracy. I try my best to get as much data as possible, but be aware some could use more data. To help out, please visit my Discord! I always appreciate the help!

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Life Update (10/1) This is kind of a different update, but I wanted to share a glimps of my personal life in the past few months for those that have been following my work and my trains. In July, I got laided off. I won't go into detail, but essentially I worked under a grant that allowed me to be a science teacher for rural schools. I was like the Bill-Nye, but for weather lol. Grant work is awesome because it allows me to do whatever I want as long as the work is done, but grant money runs out. Those who have read my bio, I'm a guy that studied the weather. I intially intended to get a career in meteorology, but the job market is extremely rough. So, I took the next best thing that I love right now and I tried out for a junior web developer job. Took a few months of applying and being denied, but I got it! I start later this month.

What started as a fun small project for myself with spreadsheets has turned into a new career path. Who knew that playing Guild Wars 2 'professionally' would get me here? With that, I want to thank everyone who reads this for your continued support on this website and joining my trains in-game!
Feb 23, 2022
- Added "Inquest Core" event in Sandswept Timers. - Updated the bookmarks on each page on mobile. It is now defaulted to where it doesn't show up so it doesn't block the whole half of the screen. The button is still there to bring it back though.

Feb 20, 2022
- Added a revamped Siren's Landing Node Farm in Benchmarks.
- Added a new estimated gathering benchmark table that allows the user to select 3 different combinations of glyphs to output what would the best farms be in Benchmarks.

Feb 13, 2022
- Added new benchmarks! In the Benchmarks, there are new tables called "Estimated Gathering". This shows an estimate gold per hour (or per character) for a specific gathering run for every combination of glyphs. At the moment, it's only showing the top few as there are hundreds of different combinations per farm.
- Changed the Benchmarks page to show all of the benchmarks in a single page rather than only showing one at a time.

Jan 31, 2022
- Added a new farm! Mussel Farm
- Removed the timer on the front page for the Peu Trains because I kept forgetting.. :c It would just be easier to join the Discord as I ping there all the time.
- Updated the Node Farm Calculator to have the Mussel Farm.

Dec 31, 2021
- Added Captain Huuhes event in Ember Bay timers

Dec 30, 2021
- Moved the order of some of the navigation to be Benchmarks -> Resources -> Research -> Maps -> Timers -> Gathering
- Updated the nav bar to work with screens less than 1300px, but above 1000px. There was a weird sweet spot that would break it.

Dec 29, 2021
- Tables in Dailies - Provisioner Tokens for the Waypoint and Name columns can now be clicked and copied instantly.

Dec 28, 2021
- Added icons to the home page navigation
- Added a moon icon on the Light/Dark Mode switch on the top nav

Dec 27, 2021
- Fixed a bug where the entire "Research" section of this homepage lead to a 404 Error :c

Dec 22, 2021
- Updated this homepage to add all the links to all the pages + their bookmarks. Hopefully this makes it easier for some people to find content since this website has grown pretty big!
- Moved Benchmarks in the nav bar to the front.

Dec 19, 2021
- Added Gobblers to Must Have Items .

Dec 14, 2021
- Added LS3 train and Core Tyria Train guides to Combo Farms
- Added Bag slots and Gossamer Patches to Refinement .
- Added Kourna bounties to the Kourna timer page .

Dec 6, 2021
- Added a QoL feature. When on mobile, there's a button on the left side that will open and close the bookmarks tab. This would make it easier for longer pages.
- Added what map bonus and shiny bauble week it is on Benchmarks .

Nov 18, 2021
- Added a new feature! Added Drizzlewood Material Donations .

Nov 17, 2021
- Redid the Drizzlewood (South) benchmarks .
- Updated the Auric Basin farm guide.

Nov 15, 2021
- Added a new farm! Added a LS3 Farm in Benchmarks . There's still some more experimentation to go with this train so we'll see how this number changes over time.
- Added two more events, "Stoneheads" and "Gold Guzzler", to Auric Basin timer page

Nov 14, 2021
- Added a new feature! Added Provisioner Tokens . There are two tables: HoT and Cities. The HoT table shows the cheapest option per tab exchange while the Cities show everything (since you can purchase all in one tab).

Nov 8, 2021
- Added "Earth Elemental" event in Tangled Depths timer page
- Added "Champion Djinn", "Graveyard", "Awakened Caravan" events in Elon Riverlands timer page

Nov 6, 2021
- Updated Desert Highlands timer page with a bigger map
- Updated Desert Highlands timer page with 3 new events: Tosun Escort, Drogg, and Branded Waves
- Updated all timer pages to make the side timer countdown to float to the right. Makes it easier to read

Nov 1, 2021
- Updated Silverwastes map guide

Oct 31, 2021
- Fixed a bug (hopefully?) in Benchmarks that caused the whole list to disappear whenever the spreadsheet data broke. There should be a fail-safe thing in place now that prevents that from happening. Also testing something else that may or may not break if I add or delete a new farm. We'll see..
- Fixed a bug in Verdant Brink timer page that caused timers not to rewind
- Added "Veteran Mordrem" event in the Verdant Brink timer page

Oct 22, 2021
- Created a Discord link to the nav bar and the front page

Oct 9, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Benchmarks that didn't show the benchmarks change hourly. Testing something new and it's working so far..
- Fixed a bug in Crystal Oasis's timer page that made the map extremely large

Oct 7, 2021
- Added Lab benchmarks in Benchmarks at 300% MF and 700% MF.
- Added Lab timer page

Oct 1, 2021
- Fixed the loading time for the Benchmarks table! The old system was that I created a script in Google Scripts to create a JSON to be imported to here. That still exists, but now it's being imported into mySQL then here. This does two things: It prevents the table from ever not showing up and it makes the loading time of the table at an absolute minimum.
- Fixed Light/Dark Mode switch when loading a page. Previously, if you were set in dark mode, you may have gotten a big flash of white because the script was still trying to determine what mode you set yourself in. Now, that is the first thing it does so there will not be any delay when going to another page in dark mode.

Sept 30, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Refinement that made Bronze Ingots in the Basic Materials section to produce only 1 when it's actually 5.

Sept 29, 2021
- Apologizes if you were checking out the benchmark on this date. I've been testing a lot in the back-end of things and it kinda messed it up LOL. Fixed a bug that made the mySQL table for the 24 hour period really wack and making farms out of order. Now the +/- column of the Benchmarks *should* be accurate.

Sept 28, 2021
- Added a tooltip when you hover over the gold/hour for a specific farm in Benchmarks. You can see what the difference is in gold/hour 24 hours ago.

Sept 26, 2021
- Fixed a major bug where all the Tangled Depths respawn timers were not correct at all. This was due to me restructing the JS a week ago and didn't notice until I did a train..
- Fixed broken links in node farms in Gathering
- Removed 2 node farms: Amnoon Farm & LS3 Node Farm. These were kinda weird and niche farms that I don't think are relevant to today's gathering farms.

Sept 24, 2021
- Apparently there were missing gathering pages that I forgot to convert to PHP! Fixed Orr Node Farm, Flax Farm, and Rich Node Farm
- Fixed bookmarks in Dailies from not moving the page correctly

Sept 20, 2021
- Been trying to learn more PHP and mySQL for a bit. As a result, Benchmarks have recieved a new update with a new column called "+/-". This shows what farms are moving up or down in the rankings in the past 24 hours!
- Added Captain Huughes event in Ember Bay timer page
- Fixed other benchmark tables besides the main one from having white texts on backgrounds that were hard to see in dark mode
- Fixed a bug in Dailies that gave the incorrect name of each daily to copy
- Fixed a bug in Dailies that showed a transparent background on the bottom timer when it was light mode

Sept 18, 2021
- Created Thunderhead Peaks's timer page!

Sept 16, 2021
- Adjusted the Dailies and PSNA tables to be better fitted. It was quite large whenever the descriptions were long

Sept 15, 2021
- Fixed dark mode and some back-end stuff for the REST of the timer pages.
- Fixed a bug for all timers that when the timers reach 0 in dark mode, some texts don't change color to black while the background changes to green. Made it hard to see
- Fixed checkboxes in Bjora Marches's timer page as they weren't even the right events for the right map

Sept 14, 2021
- Revamped Dragonfalls's timer page.
- Fixed a bug that prevented any checkboxes to remove any event timers on the side
- Made Dragonfall's timer map to a single image instead of seperating by 3
- Added more checkbox options
- Fixed dark mode on it

Sept 10, 2021
- Fixed the display of info boxes when hovering over an event in dark mode in Auric Basin's timer page.

Sept 10, 2021
- Added Jahai Bluffs timer page! Most repeatable events are implemented and bounties. There's still a few I cannot get solo such as the "Joko?" event.
- In the process of reworking the JS code of how event timers work. They are currently a little wonky and I'm trying to make them cleaning. This also includes the look of it in dark mode as..most timer pages have that issue. Auric Basin's timer page got some dark mode updates as a test.
- Removed the checkbox pylon timers on the right side in Auric Basin's timer page. They just felt a lil unnecessary since there are other ways to start events.

Sept 7, 2021
- Fixed a header on the Timers navigation for LS4 maps
- Fixed a waypoint in PSNA

August 27, 2021
- Fixed mobile site for Must Have Items

August 25, 2021
- Fixed mobile site for Experience

August 22, 2021
- Fixed some coloring in tooltips in Refinement for dark mode
- Fixed a bug in Currency Worth that any pricing with dust didn't include sell price

August 14, 2021
- Fixed a bug on mobile that caused a weird gab/glitch on the bottom of screens whenever the address bar disappears (this was so annoying to have no idea T_T)
- Changed the headers in all pages to not be inside the paint splatter image for mobile only. This allows more flexibility in what I can put as headers
- Changed some timer boxes that got covered whenever the colored bar apporached the letters
- Added small description on this landing page below the title
- Changed all bolded texts to be dark blue for light mode and light blue for dark mode
- Tables in Currency Worth in mobile can now scroll horizontally

August 11, 2021
- Changed all existing pages from .html -> .PHP. Starting to learn PHP and implementing its uses. Added PHP as a way to allow all pages to have the same nav bar, header, and footer with single files so I can easily change all files at once.
- Timer/countdown boxes that have a "progress-bar" filling now should be inline with the box. Sometimes it grew outside the boxes
- Added Dark Mode to all Map pages. All Timer pages have it too...but it will require some revamp to existing JavaScript files so they will need more time
- Moved Difficulty column in Dailies to the left by 1 just so it doesn't look so weird in the middle with the colors (esp in dark mode)
- Made some texts easier to see ^
- Fixed the colored progress bar in Dailies to be 100% in the box

August 8, 2021
- Added a new footer banner designed by Tiffymew.
- Fixed tables in Benchmarks to be centered.
- Added a new transition to the choyas on this landing page
- Changed link colors from yellow -> black when switching from dark -> light mode

August 7, 2021
- Been a little MIA because I've been working on a professional portfolio. Trying for a career change as a web dev! Wish me luck!
- With that, I've done a complete overhaul of this website. The biggest change is:
- Starting to implement a Dark Mode. Simply toggle with the button on the top left and check it out! Only about 60% of the website can currently use it. Both the Timer and Map pages are still in progress. They're more of a pain to work on.
- The site is becoming a lot more Mobile-Friendly. This has always been the real struggle since the beginning, but I'm finally learning to make it work and functional. Some pages are still working to be fixed as well.
- The design of the front page is completely new. I think the old homepage was cute, but redundant. It didn't offer anything but the menu to go to other 'main' pages to specific pages. I think it's better to simply use the nav bar to get to a page so you don't have to go through two pages to get to what you want.

July 6, 2021
- Fixed some PSNA locations in Dailies.

July 3, 2021
- Switched the order of some of the PSNA links. It's been requested to try to align them from left-to-right. Over time, if it seems off I'll switch the order again.
- Added Discipline tooltip to the Mystic Curios in Refinement.
- Updated the drop rate for 10-25 Amalgamated Gemstone conversion in Refinement.

July 3, 2021
- Added Pact Supply Network Agent to the Dailies!
- Added Amalgamated Draconic Lodestones, Stormcaller Cores, Sheet of (+Charged) Ambrite to Misc table in Refinement.
- Adjusted the sub-nav bar to be scooted to the left

July 2, 2021
- Trashed the old navigation bar and created an entire new one! This one should also be responsive for mobile! There may be some slight adjustments I'll make over time, but the bulk of the layout is complete. I've changed the navigation bar to every single page of the website.
- In addition, I've changed the Bookmarks bar on the left side. These are the lil boxes on the left that direct you to a certain location of a page if it's really long. It has fancy new look and animation now.
- Updated almost all tables in Refinement so that when you hover it will show the name of the item. When you hover over the result item, it will show the Costs. Still working on the rest as the other tables..they were made poorly.

June 28, 2021
- Added Miscellaneous in Refinement
- Fixed a bug in in Refinement where some recipes were showing misplaced materials
- Reworked the entire Refinement code so it should be a lot easier for me to add new recipes and run smoother.

June 24, 2021
- Added Crystals -> Orbs in Refinement
- Fixed a bug in in Refinement where Item 3 prices were showing up as 0

June 23, 2021
- Added Mystic Curios in Refinement
- Added Gemstones in Refinement
- Fixed a lot of code in terms of the structure of preferences. Hopefully it works better now.
- Added Preferences in Refinement

June 17, 2021
- Added Daily Ascended Materials in Refinement

June 13, 2021
- Added a new page called Refinement! This page will show you whether it's worth it or not to refine a material and make a profit out of it. This is a work in progress as I'll add more materials and adjust some things.

June 12, 2021
- Live trains are now show here on the front page. These trains are hosted by various commanders that post when they're doing LS4 trains, HP trains, HOT trains, etc. If you want to get pinged, join the public Overflow discord (link on the side).
- Fixed the padding again on the images in Benchmarks.

June 11, 2021
- Fixed a bug where the Popularity column in the Benchmarks was too wide on mobile.
- Adjusted the padding and width of the Benchmarks to be a lil smaller.
- Fixed a bug where Fine T3 -> T4 Spirit Shard conversions were not using the appropiate dust.
- Fixed a bug where gold per hour wasn't properly being sorted in Benchmarks.

June 10, 2021
- Took a lil vacation, but now I'm back :D
- Added a new column in Benchmarks called Popularity . This will show whether or not a train or farm is common.
- Fixed a random bug that suddently turned tables to have bigger borders. I have no idea where that came from but Benchmarks and Daily tables should look better now.
- Added Laurels to the Currency Worth page.
- Added a button in Currency Worth page in mobile that allows you to see the preferences and bookmarks.
- Added a new farm. Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Events. This farm is similar to the popular Bitterfrost Chest Farm, but focuses on the events since they can be easily solo-able. I was just curious on what numbers it could produce.
- Adjusted some things in the Silverwaste benchmark. It now calculates with Piles of Silky Sand. Didn't change the benchmark too much, but it's just slightly higher than previously.
- Added Greater Nightmare Pods from the Silverwaste Labyrith in benchmarks .
- Added Superior Buried Treasure from Desert Highland's meta in benchmarks.

May 29, 2021
- Adjusted the Currency-Worth page to be alphabetical as I'm adding more and more currencies lately.
- Added Bandit Crests to Currency-Worth ! These are currencies obtained by doing Silverwaste events.
- In addition to above ^, I've also updated the benchmarks for Silverwaste to include Bandit Crests. Since there is also a negative amount of net keys being earned in the train (since it's also assuming you open the lost chests), that is also taken into account.
- ..And furthermore..I've also removed the Silverwaste benchmark with (w/ lvl character). The benchmark is now in-line with the rest of the benchmarks. My low lvl benchmark also considered a lvl 49-53 character..which according to Silverwastes.loltools is not as profitable as it used to be.
- Edited a few weird waypoints in Dailies to be better choices.

May 24, 2021
- Updated the Volatile and Unbound Magic tables in Currency-Worth . They are much prettier now, sort from the highest to lowest, and I've provided the values for all Unbound Magic choices rather than the ones only at Ember Bay.
- Preferences in Currency-Worth now have Volatile Magic, Unbound Magic, and Trade Contracts added. When you adjust the page to your liking, the bookmarks on the left side also change. The page can be whatever you want it to be
- Added Buy Price or Sell Price in Currency-Worth for Volatile Magic and Unbound Magic.
- Updated the Volatile and Unbound Magic tables in Currency-Worth to make them spawn faster.

May 22, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Currency-Worth page where the price of Elonian Wine was 1 silver off
- Fixed a bug in Currency-Worth page where the all dust specific conversions were slightly off in their calculations.
- Changed the X button in various pages to view more clear that the button is there. The background is red instead of black.
- Changed some waypoints in Dailies to better suit the daily in a faster fashion.

May 19, 2021
- Updated Currency-Worth page by adding Preferences . These are checkboxes on the right side that allow you to show/hide specific items on the page. This will also save your settings for the next time you visit. These are cookies, but they basically act like it.

May 17, 2021
- Updated Currency-Worth page to include more Spirit Shard conversions. This time it's for Fine materials of
T1 -> T2
T2 -> T3
T3 -> T4
T4 -> T5
- Updated Dailies to include a button to copy all waypoints that are expansion + level 80.

May 15, 2021
- Updated Currency-Worth page to include Spirit Shards. So far, it's the classic T5->T6 for both Fine and Rare materials.
- Updated Dailies to include a button to copy all waypoints that are expansion + level 80.
- Updated Must-Have-Items to include the eater Herta.

May 10, 2021
- Updated the Nav bar with a couple of things. 1) Made the overall font and size smaller. 2) Added it to the Home page. 3) Added a submenu bar so you can instantly click to a specific area of the website now!
- Redirected all farms that have to deal with multiple maps into Combo Farms instead of having their own individual page. This reduces the amount of crap I have LOL..but it better organizes those unique metas all in one place.

May 5, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Dailies where it deleted the wrong daily sometimes.

May 3, 2021
- Added Chak Driver to the Tangled Depths timer page

May 2, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Dailies where Ascalon lumberer was in a bad spot.
- Updated Dailies to show the accurate representation of what dailies are for lvl80 + expansion accounts and free accounts. Anything labeled in orange is free only.
- Fixed a bug in Dailies where it removed the wrong minidungeon than what is actually shown in the game. There are usually multiple minidungeons when the daily is that, but I try to remove the correct one.

April 28, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Sandswept/Kourna benchmarks that didn't like to the correct page.
- (Hopefully) Fixed a bug in Dailies where if multiple dungeons are the dailies, it will remove any that aren't the first one listed.
- Fixed a bug in benchmarks that only allowed users to click a map if you click its name instead of the box it's in.
- Fixed a bug that when you hover the NAV bar, the text disappears.

April 27, 2021
- Added Dragonstorm benchmark in "Metas"
- Fixed a bug in Dailies after an update that I made to delete unnecessary dailies. In return, it also messed up the ordering of the description + waypoints.
- Added Sunken Chests from Sandswept Isles benchmark in "Chests"

April 24, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Dailies to enable the linked videos+web links. For some reason, one of them (if both showed up) wouldn't take users to the link.

April 23, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Dailies to show many of the same type of dailies at once.
- Added tomorrow's Dailies as well!

April 22, 2021
- Fixed a bug in Dailies to show web links because they weren't showing up for some reason.

April 20, 2021
- Uploaded a new page! Dailies! . This page is intended to help you do your dailies very quickly. It lists all the dailies for today with simple directions and waypoints that will go straight to your clipboard.
- Altered the timer on this homepage. Now, it will have light orange bar that will increase over time if the event I'm hosting is < 24 hours away. I just like it. I think it's cute.
- Reorganized the Resource page to make them alphabetical and added a section called "Tools".

April 11, 2021
- Uploaded a new video! How to get PoF Experience.

April 5, 2021
- Updated the LS4 train page to include Guild MM's new video guide on the train itself!

April 3, 2021
- Made some edits to the Bitterfrost timer page for some specific timers because popup messages wouldn't go away. Just prepping it for a train I had the same day.
- Added another event in the Bitterfrost ^ event timers.
- Made some changes to Benchmarks:
1. Auric Basin is now a Repeatable Farm because the only thing keeping it daily was the Amal Gemstone, but the farm itself is mainly directed by shiny baubles and uni gear.
2. Same reason for Tangled Depths
3. Made Kourna, Bitterfrost, Leather Farm, Frostgorge, Cursed Shore, Kessex, Siren's Landing Daily Farms instead of Repeatable because diminishing returns hits those hard. About 30 minutes into the train, events start giving less loot and champions.

April 2, 2021
- Uploaded a new video guide! This time it's for gathering LS3 currencies.
- Updated Ascended Materials guide to put it pretty bookmark..looking things. It's pretty colors.
- Added a waypoint feature in Auric Basin timers . Will add this feature to the rest of the trains eventually. When clicking on the waypoints, you can automatically get the waypoint copied to your clipboard. This will help greatly during trains when you need the squad to move.

March 23, 2021
- With the new mastery update in IBS, I've added more Rift options for EXP in Experience. There should be enough orbs to hit the daily 250 orbs.

March 21, 2021
- I'ved updated the LS4 meta train data. There wasn't much to begin with..but the last time I recorded a full one was Jan 2020. Since then, it's been improved by a lot and commanded by many new commanders. I did a run with [OTC] and decided to record a fresh new one. Maybe I'll get the motivation to join them again for more trials..but it's so hard for me to farm for 2+ hours in a row LOL. With that said, it's got a new hefty number on the benchmarks table.

March 20, 2021
- Updated Experience page to include more options and picture guides. Noted that this can also be good use of EXP for gaining Spirit Shards.

March 17, 2021
- Uploaded a new video on YouTube! Check out my Crystal Oasis farm info guide!

March 15, 2021
Oh, didn't realize it's been a whole month that I haven't updated. I've been slightly taking a break from making content, but I'm back to work on some stuff again!

- Worked on a full guide on how to get mastery experience!
- Temporarily removed Builds page since that's obviously not done yet.

February 15, 2021
- Edited some of the description for the Crystal Oasis page about the farm

February 13, 2021
- Added another trial for Auric Basin Shiny Bauble train
- Added another trial for Desolation
- Added another trial for Sandswept/Kourna combo train

February 12, 2021
- Added Must Have Items! This is a cute lil page on items on the gemstore and nongemstore items that I think everyone should have or has a great QoL change.
- Added Mesmer and Necro to the Builds page.

February 9, 2021
- Revamped how Resources page looks like because getting more and more boxes for links is getting kinda big and meh.
- Added a new page that's currently..still in the works but it's up anyway since it's in my latest patch. Check out Builds for more information on what builds you could run for specifically farming!

February 7, 2021
- Added another trial for Tangled Depths map benchmark
- Added Crystalline Ore to the Ascended Materials page.
- Fixed bugs in the Ascended Materials page that made timers break during reset times.

February 6, 2021
- Added Noxious Seed Pods to the chest benchmarks.

February 5, 2021
- Updated and add new stuff to the Ascended Materials page. This includes: more ascended junk, timers for when it's a good/bad time to gather chests, and just more blobs of info.
- Updated my Bitterfrost Map guide page. Just made it simplier as I think some of my pages are really...weird looking LOL. One day I'll update them all.

February 1, 2021
- Added a new resource guide! This will built more over time. How to get Ascended Materials.

January 31, 2021
- Added an entire new set of benchmarks. Added Alt Parking!These are awesome locations where you can park your alts to get some instant or quick profits! Check out benchmarks and click on "Alt Parking" for more info.

January 28, 2021
- Added an entire new set of benchmarks. Added Chests!These are open world chests that you can find throughout the open world. It's not all of them, but most of them. Check out benchmarks and click on "Chests" for more info.

January 27, 2021
- Added a new benchmark! Sandswept/Kourna combo farm.
- Added a new benchmark! Grothmar/Bjora combo farm.
- Added the combo page (links above) to showcase farms that are "combos"..meaning two or more main maps in a farm. I'll add more when I'm not lazy.
- Added Boneskinner respawn rate to the Bjora marches timer page.
- Adjusted one of the raiding parties (N) in the Bjora marches timer page to be more accurate. Found out it was 2 minutes longer than the other two in the map.

- Removed the "Gold per Hour via Spirit Shards" section of the benchmark. With the latest patch of not having any spirit shards come from champion bags anymore, the value itself is meh. Some people's definition of how valuable Spirit Shards vary from person to person whether your trading it or converting yourself. My standard has always been the average profit from converting T5 -> T6 materials since it's extremely common and easy to do for everyone. Instead, the column has been replaced with Total Gold. This is the amount of gold you could potentially earn in an entire farm.
- Added a cute lil bracket to show the rest of the table is per hour still.
- You can now right-click a farm on the "Map" column to open into a new tab. Why that took me so long to figure out for such a simple problem..I have no idea.

January 25, 2020
- Added and adjusted some timers for the Bjora Marches timer page.

January 21, 2021
- Added another trial for Elon Riverlands train
- Added a new benchmark! Sandswept/Kourna combo train

January 16, 2021
- Reworked the homepage a bit:
- Removed a lot of white space
- Condensed the pictures and sections to fit more stuff on the page
- Added my logo to the website name and the shortcut icon
- Changed my email and reformatted the footer. (This will slowly be changed throughout the other pages too because I'm lazy)
- Added a section for my trains instead of just the timer
- Added a YouTube button for my YouTube channel!

January 5, 2021
- Added another trial run to the Auric Basin Shiny Bauble farm.
- Updated the map info page for Sandswept Isles as the pictures were super blown up.

January 2, 2021
- Added another trial run to the Bjora Marches Node Farm. Still averaging out to be around 20ish gph!

January 1, 2021
- Uploaded a new video! Bjora Marches Node Farm!
- Updated the Elon Riverlands timer page to include special info notes and other stuff when the meta shows up.

December 30, 2020
- Updated the timer page. Added Chak Driver event and changed some minor bugs overall.

December 29, 2020
- Updated the timer page for the Domain of Vabbi farm. I've added a lot of new tech that I learned from other timer pages and experimented on here. Hover effects, information boxes, and signals that show up when a meta is happening.
- Updated colors for meta timers on all timer pages. It is now a sandy-brown to indicate when a meta isn't up. I tried to find a neutral color.
- Revamped the Thunderhead/Kourna event farm. Did a new trial today with a new benchmark.

December 28, 2020
- Updated the map guide for the Domain of Vabbi farm.
- Updated the Domain of Vabbi timer page as it had some weird bugs that changed colors of texts and boxes at wrong times.
- Updated the Rich Node Farm. Redid the benchmark to now gather other nodes around the rich nodes. Also changed the route just slightly to include potential other rich nodes that may not be permanent. This standardizes the node farm with other node farms. It actually increased the GPH so..yay.

December 27, 2020
- Expanded the Currency-Worth page to include Trade Contracts.

December 26, 2020
- Updated JS for Drizzlewood Reward Track page. It used to reference two different spreadsheets, but now it's only referencing one and should load better.
- Added another trial run for Domain of Vabbi map benchmark.

December 22, 2020
- Updated timer pages. Ones that have global meta timers now have it displayed on the bottom and always at the bottom. Now it's easier to see that status of the map and when the meta will begin.

December 20, 2020
I barley update my Updates page, so I decided to put it here. By putting it in the front page, I'll more likey update my progress. This is to help me see what I've accomplished personally and to let anybody know what I'm doing if you're interested! I've lost track since October on what I did so I'll try to summerize it.

- Added the rest of the POF timer pages. Desert Highlands and Domain of Vabbi were left. Though, all of these need some stuff added to them such as meta timers and info boxes.
- Added IBS timers. Bjora will need some more work later to add a meta timer for both metas.
- Revamped every single timer's javascript. I did an overhaul on the structure and it should be much easier for me to work with. It is now flexiable if I need to add stuff in the future.
- Added extra information boxes for timers: Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths.
- Revamped map benchmarks: Domain of Vabbi, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, Auric Basin. Some of these still need updated map guides tho.
- Added [SAND]'s Dry Top train! More info of their trains/website here.
- Added Meta Benchmarks to showcase how much you'd make per meta!

October 7, 2020
I realized I've been slacking on updating on this page. I kinda forgot what I did in the last few weeks.
- Updated all timers pages with some QOL changes such as auto sorting and checking the checkboxes as you load the page.
- Revamped Lake Doric to add a leather farm in the farm.
- As with above, reworked the Lake Doric map guide page
- Added lots of champion bag data
- Added lots of node farm data to the Node Calculator
- Added trials to many farms such as Auric Basin, Drizzlewood, Dragonfall, Tangled Depths, and some others that I can't remember

September 17, 2020
- Added a Node Farm Calculator on the gathering page

September 12, 2020
- Added Glyph research in the Gathering page. The avg profit per strike and node for most glyphs.

September 4, 2020
- Added LS3 currency page on how to obtain LS3 currencies
- Added additional trials to Lake Doric Node Farm
- Random bug fixes

September 1, 2020
- Created a new gathering farm. Lake Doric Node Farm (B/V/V). Uses Bounty for Sickle and Volatile for the rest.
- Updated Auric Basin's timer page as some of the times were wrong. Should be accurate now.
- Added thousands of champion bag data
- Added More-Resource page that offers lots of other external guides and info beyond this website

August 24, 2020
- Created a guide on how to obtain LS4 currencies

August 18, 2020
- Redid Desolation farm
- Added Desolation-timer page
- Added Desolation-map page
- Added an additional trial for the Bitterfrost farm
- Added an additional trial for the Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest farm

August 15, 2020
- Added another trial for the Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest
- Attempted to make some pages more mobile friendly. It's okay, but obviously not there yet. Working on it slowly in the background

August 9, 2020
- Added more trials for Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chests to get more accurate data. Apparently that just made it go up
- Added more trial for Silverwaste thanks to [SM]
- Added more trials for Crystal Oasis farm. Redid how I do the farm with the addition of the timer page
- Updated the Crystal Oasis map info page
- Updated some formatting to make some big things be smaller such as the event criterias in each map info page

August 4, 2020
- I got called out in PvP to update my guide for Drizzlewood LOL! So it's updated now!

August 1, 2020
- Added bounties to the Crystal Oasis tiemr page
- Added multiple trials for an average gold per hour for the new Drizzlewood patch
- Updated multiple champion bag data for a bigger sample size
- Added the addition 2 new reward Drizzlewood reward tracks in the Drizzle-Reward-Track page

July 26, 2020
- Added a "Value" button to the Salvage page. This shows the value of each salvaged item
- Added Crystal-Oasis timer page. Working on adding bounty locations and checkboxes
- Fixed a bug where the message "Train in progress!" wouldn't go away

July 23, 2020
- Did a huge overhaul of the salvage page. Essentially reworked, revamped the entire code for the page. The numbers used to be very static and was like a snapshot for a certain time but never updated. Now, the page will update the numbers everytime you visit the page!

July 21, 2020
- Added Salvage page under the Research tab! Check it out for information on salvaging items and gear. More work will be on the page over time!

July 19, 2020
- Updated support page

July 18, 2020
- Updated gathering pages to include a disclaimer that herbs and quality meat materials are only obtained after a player finishes the Gorment Training achievement.
- Updated the front page timer to include a message to say that a train is in progress right before and after the deadline
- Added another trial of Grothmar/Kourna train on the spreadsheet.

July 17, 2020
- Updated Drizzlewood-Reward-Track page to include proofs of each reward track
- Updated with a lot more information on Drizzlewood including info on waystations, siege, caravans, and methods on commanding

July 15, 2020
- Updated the description and links from the Gathering page
- Fixed an API error with the currency-worth page. Should be good now
- Added Ember Bay's timer page

July 14, 2020
- Updated the spreadsheet to have links of each farm to the website
- Fixed errors in the Bitterfrost map page
- Added missing Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Icebound Chest section
- Apparently I just didn't finish the About-Benchmark page. Finished the "what's not monetized" section.
- Added my recommendation for trinkets on the Living-Story-Trinket page

July 13, 2020
- First official public release!
- Fixed errors in the Sandswept Solo Inquest Farm (description)
- Added a timer for the next Peu Train on the front page

July 12, 2020
- Added Drizzlewood map page
- Fixed more typos and errors
- Added "Projects in the works:" section on the top of this page
- Added "Next Peu Train" on the front page of when I do my farms. This updates based on my public spreadsheet
- Added Supporter page

July 9, 2020
- Added additional farm pages that I forgot. I missed a couple it seems
- Fixed a bug that made all the map/timer page links act like it wasn't a link
- Fixed spreadsheet error that made Bjora Marches appear twice
- Added spreadsheet links to map pages
- Added timer links to map pages
- Adjusted description of map farms
- Fixed typos

July 8, 2020
- Added pages too all farms (40+??)
- Added clickable names to the benchmark page so they will all redirect to the farm

July 7, 2020
- Added website icon on every page instead of having the default

July 5, 2020
- Added a trial farm of Tangled Depths, Drizzlewood Coast

July 4, 2020
- Added a link in the Resource section on About Benchmarks
- Added News to front page
- Made Currency-Worth page and Drizzlewood-Reward-Track page smaller in terms of design. Added some descriptions.
- Edited external links to open a new tab (probably missed some)
- Added email to the footer
- Added About-Me page

March 18, 2020 - July 4, 2020
I made this specific page on July 4, 2020 so I'm not sure exactly what the dates are for other updates I did for the website. March was when I first started learning how to code/make the website.