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The Node Farm Calculator will result in an estimated profit per character for a given farm. What is gathered is based on my farms listed in the benchmarks, the list below, and from a button that will appear after calculating a node farm labeled "View Selected Farm". The purpose of this calculator is to experiment with different combinations of farms + glyphs and figure out what the estimated outcome could be. The table will list the:
- Quantity of a particular node
- Average worth of the node
- Average worth of the glyphs used for that particular farm

The equation goes as following:
Nodes = (Quanity of node * Avg worth of node) + (Quanity of node * Avg worth of glyph based on the zone/farm)

Final value:
Σ Nodes / Time | Note: If time = 0, it is defaulted to 1. Thus, the final value would be gold per character rather than per time, hour, etc. Time = ((hour * 60) + (minute_1 * 10) + (minute_2)) / 60

Node Farms

Map Time Benchmark
All gathering farms will have (w/ [something]). That something is what type of glyph/tool I used for that farm such as Glyph of Volatility. This glyph is the default glyph for my benchmarks. Use the calculator above to test out the estimated profits for different ones.

These tools can be purchased with Karma at every Lounge Pass area or cities. Check the GW2Wiki for every NPC that offers it. Unbound can be found here and Volatile can be found here.

Depending on the size of the farm, there are multiple character swapping to achieve an hour worth of data.


Disclaimer: Sample size may be small for some of the node data. This project will increase over time as it takes an extremely long time to gather every single node for every glyph (+ different levels). For very specific drop rates, check the spreadsheet link above.

Below showcases the average profit per strike and per node. Both tables are auto-sorted to profit/node, but can be sorted via clicking the headers. For Bounty, there is a 47.48% increase in resources for plants and 15.83% in ores and wood (wiki). These are the average value/node w/ Bounty - value/node w/o any glyphs. In result, profit/node is the estimated gain for using Bounty for these specific nodes. For example, for Blooming Passiflora, the value under Profit/Node is how much more you may make in addition to how much the node is worth by itself.

Most Glyphs

Glyph Tool Level Profit/Strike Profit/Node

Bounty Glyph

Node Tool Profit/Node

Speed of Tools

These are the speeds for each some gathering tools. This information was all from this spreadsheet by /u/MarsEdge. All tables are sorted by the total amount of time required to harvest a node. % to Interrupt means the % of the cast time you can interrupt, but still gather the node.

All tools grant 4 strikes. This means you only have to cast the tool animation 3 times instead of 4 and can interrupt it midway of the 3rd.

Some tools have some niche benefits besides the speed:
Unbound Harvesting Sickle - Strikes once and gathers all possible chances for additional strikes (gathering halls)
Choya Mining Pick - Requires only 2 strikes on rich nodes rather than 3 (gathers 5 strikes)

Harvesting Tools

Tool Cast Time Aftercast % to Interrupt Total
Consortium 1400ms 600ms 52% 1040ms
Molten 1400ms 600ms 52% 1040ms
Tresher 2190ms 960ms 60% 1890ms
Reap-r-Tron 2000ms 0 100% 2000ms
Skritt 4200ms 0 50% 2100ms
Volatile 2568ms 22ms 100% 2590ms
Unbound 2520ms 230ms 100% 2750ms
Cosmic 2168ms 1732ms 100% 3900ms
Basic 2168ms 1762 100% 3930ms
Basic 2168ms 1762ms 100% 3930ms

Logging Tools

Tool Cast Time Aftercast % to Interrupt Total
Unbound 4250ms 0ms 100% 4250ms
Frost Wasp 4250ms 360ms 100% 4610ms
Log-r-Tron 4500ms 250ms 100% 4750ms
Volatile 4480ms 620ms 100% 5100ms
Cosmic 4500ms 1000ms 100% 5500ms
Dream 4700ms 1650ms 100% 6350ms
Basic 4700ms 1670ms 100% 6370ms
ChopItAll 4700ms 1700ms 100% 6400ms

Mining Tools

Tool Cast Time Aftercast % to Interrupt Total
Unbound 3989ms 1061ms 70% 3535ms
Volatile 4252ms 123ms 100% 4370ms
Cosmic 4500ms 1000ms 100% 5500ms
Basic 4500ms 1850ms 100% 6350ms
Watchwork 4500ms 1850ms 100% 6350ms
Molten 4500ms 1850ms 100% 6350ms
Bone Pick 4500ms 1850ms 100% 6350ms